Our new website is finally here!

Here comes our Eureka! moment. We are proud to be launching our long-awaited website, and we wouldn’t have made it without every single one of our esteemed clients!

Yes, every single one of you. And that’s because everything about our website was built with the ultimate satisfaction of bike/bicycle enthusiasts like you in mind.

Deliberate Design

We’ve all put in extra effort to make user experience on our website as fascinating as it can be. We’ve made navigation simple and breezy. You’ll love our return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products, tailored that way because your happiness is our peak priority.

We have worked hard for months to build a mobile responsive website, ensuring that you enjoy your e-buying experience here. You can checkout without those annoying compulsory registration pop-ups. We’ve even included free shipping as a “thank you” for buying from our online store!

Info Oreo!

And hey, help is here!

As you all had made known to us from the conversations of our management with you our clients, we listened because we had seen the need to create an online platform for our Dublin bike shop through which we can not just sell you our services and products, but also provide you with valuable information about bikes maintenance and bike repairs.

We want our clients to have information about your bikes and bicycles at the tip of your fingers just when you need them. And so we’ve crafted detailed articles loaded with tons of useful insights and tips for prolonging the life of your bikes.

And it’s not all boring text either. Some tips about bike repairs and second-hand bicycle maintenance need visuals for better understanding. We know. So we’ve included videos and infographics to show you what we’re actually talking about. 

Are you new maybe? Just before our footer you will find testimonials from our loyal clients that will help you in your buying decision. Make sure to check our buyer guides for when you need to purchase second-hand bicycles.

Social Media Handles

We also saw the need to create an online presence so as to bring more visibility to our burgeoning business and awareness to our ever-growing clientele. So we have created social media handles for our business, and you can click on any one of those social media icons below on our website to see what exciting new things we are doing for our clients.

Referring friends and even visitors to Dublin to us is so much easier now. Say goodbye to sharing by word of mouth alone, especially if you suck at giving directions to locations. You can now share our pages and posts with those who need bicycle repairs services so that they can get a real feel of how helpful we can be to them and also find us easier.

Make sure to stay tuned in to our channels, as we will be having fun and putting out exciting new challenges with gift baskets to be won every week to spice up your experience and keep the family union! Also, you get to stay abreast with new product launches as soon as they happen.

Psst, Talk To Us!

We would really appreciate your feedback on our new website. This will go a long way in helping us serve you better. Or how about those pressing questions that you have always wanted to ask us, or those appointments you need to book because you can’t come over to our shop immediately?

We encourage you to open up to us per usual, and feel free to contact us here on our website. We will gladly call you back!

We look forward to having your suggestions, comments and questions, and we will respond to every single one of you within the shortest possible time.

So once again, we welcome you, our loyal as well as new clients, to our new website! Browse through and familiarize yourself with our website! Make yourself at home! And stay in touch!